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It needs more improvement?

Hello guys, I done my account a couple day ago if it needs more improvement, changes, so Please give me some tip I will be your apprentice!

Here is my link.

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“want to enjoy my hobby online with clients” and “I will spend my best efforts”

The above lines from your profile description do not come across as very professional and will put many buyers off.

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Hey there,
I saw your gig and it’s good but the problem is that your gig description doesn’t have much detail about your service including why they should hire you, what is your experience etc. You can check my gig and take some idea from my gig for a proper gig description.

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Sorry Dear I have no other word If you give me some suggestion and make it perfect I will be your apprentice!

I don’t require an apprentice! You will have to think of how to do this yourself.

Also people do not like to be called, dear, brother, mate, etc. …. and it will put many buyers off!

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