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It pays to overdeliver!


I had a client who ordered a gig from me, she marked it as complete then came back to say that I had only completed 2/3 of the work. I explained, sending her the details she had given me that I had done all (and more!) that we had agreed but as a sign of good will would do the extra 1/3 for no charge.

She agreed, on seeing what she had sent to me that she had made the mistake not me, but accepted my offer to do the extra for free. I was okay with that, as I want repeat clients and to make sure that every one of them is 100% satisfied.

As I delivered the extra I saw another order from her and discovered that she had felt bad about her mistake and wanted to pay for the extra work!

It was a lovely gesture, as I had been happy to do the extra for her to make sure she was happy, and she showed her gratitude by paying for the work I had been happy to do for free.

So, over delivery definitely pays!!


Thanks allason for sharing ~O)


Yes it really pays. I had a customer that asked me to do 3 graphics for one order. No complain I did it. Then when the job is done, he gave me $50 as a TIP :slight_smile:


I had this happen to me several times these past two weeks. People do pay extra for customer service! Working on fiverr, you have some freedom


Reply to @mrbargain:

That is not good at all. As you say, why say something if you have no intention of doing it? As my grandmother would say “some people were drugged up and not raised”.

I am sure that somewhere down the line you will get some good karmic payback.


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Reply to @design4you1: Tips are nice, but I think the reputation and having a trusted product help the most. I know I always look back through my old orders when looking to order again.


Reply to @design4you1: Tips are nice, but I think the reputation and having a trusted product help the most. I know I always look back through my old orders when looking to order again.


It is always good to see tips by more experience sellers!

I have overdelivered in a gig and got 100% rating, and a positive review.

I hope to achieve your level of sales!

Thanks for the tips!


Wow, I’ve had the exact opposite and I still shake my head wondering if the buyer thinks I am crazy or what. Long story short, i did the work, over-delivered, helped fix other issues at the same time and the buyer says: You are so helpful I want to buy 2 gigs just to say thank you for the extra help you provided.

A day later, the buyer purchases 1 gig and says she needs more changes done so in the end, I got a bunch of sales, but no promised 2 gigs to say thank you. Not bitter, but would rather not have been promised it in the first place…

Some people’s kids I tell ya! lol


aka MrBargain


Reply to @logodesignshop:

That is exactly my point!! Thank you!


Yeap of course but sometimes the buyers go overboard


I have an issue over here, I have agreed to this thread before that over-delivering pays but then what do you guys do when the client keeps requesting changes once we are done with the work? Can we charge them extra gig because this client of mine did not mention about the font colour of the video I did until I delivered the second edition and he came up with the idea of having the font colour changed as well as some other changes. What can we do with this cases?


its all about personal satisfaction. We can make money, can sells loads of stuff but courtesy never goes unpaid…


I used to do this and I think the customers like it when you show you are genuine at work. One of them actually found me on social media and sent me a message thanking me for the genuine work!


Reply to @bachas85: Exactly! That is what I would do next. Clearly outline the gig and work I would deliver. Mine is actually a one minute video and this has exceeded one minute. He has again requested for some minor changes which he could have requested earlier. So I’m demanding for an extra gig before the final order is delivered


Reply to @seemydeath:

You are missing my point. But that’s okay.


cleary seemydeath is all about the moola not the satisfaction of a job welll done… can’t say iether is bad


Yes it definitely does. This has happened to me on a number of occasions, I would either give an extra design or two or give free PSD files. Because of this most people will leave a tip. I once got a $20 tip :slight_smile:


Well done, you!! $20 tip!! Jackpot!!

I was just so pleased and felt appreciated. It was a great feeling.