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It’s been a while since I received my last order

Hi everyone! As I mentioned It’s been a while since I received my last order and I don’t know if the reason is the Summer’s season or anything about it. I’m glad to have some work done on Fiverr but I didn’t think that could be take a while to have another work.

Any suggestion or advices I will appreciate it!

Beforehand Thanks for that and for your time!


Hello alonsogparra,

For starters like us, it takes time to receive another order. Don’t give up! Be Ready! Opportunity Comes When You Least Expect It.
My advice is:
Try to make buyers request (buyers request page on selling dropdown menu) and try to have as many reviews as you can by that.
If your gigs stats are dropping, something is wrong. Try to change something on your gig desc, photos or even tags.
Fiverr is a highly competitive place, so try to catch up with other sellers.
Try to stay always active on Fiverr on your free time/work time.

Orders can come soon or later, but don’t give up.

Good luck :call_me_hand:

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Thank you so much @joseplmartins I really appreciate it what you just told. I know I’m new on Fiverr and I have to considerate as a price it takes time to receive another order.

I will continue Showing up my gigs here and also check my gigs about the advices you gave me.

Thanks for the support. I hope you doing well :+1:

Have you tried singing to your screen while logged into Fiverr yet? It helps the time pass sometimes, but stay hopeful!

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Its take time my first 3 orders had 15 days gape and after my 3rd order I didn’t get order for one month but now I had 3 orders in 3 days back to back. There is no surety of orders.
Promote your Fiverr gigs by using marketing tactics. Wish you all the best:)

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Hi, brother, i am working here for almost 5 years, don’t loose your hope, it will take time to get continuous order here on fiverr. Here are the tricks that i am using for the past years. You just follow these steps for almost 1 year, after your gigs has been boosted, it will automatically ranked on search engines.

Keep post your gig ads on facebook business groups, Twitter, goolge plus pages etc…
Place a quality gig image for all of your gigs
Create an eye catching video for your gigs
Write unique descriptions for your gigs
Perfect tags for your gigs
Always deliver your service asap
Always Over deliver, it will helps you to get returning buyers everytime
Be polite with your clients
Keep your rating at least 98%
If you follow these steps for almost 1 years, just forget about it, you will get non stop orders

I am getting an average of $3000 orders each month for almost 5 years…


I always left the fiverr’s account open with the checkbox marked in remember me, so in that way when I get into fiverr’s page open directly with my account.

I didn’t try to Signing with Fiverr. I will try it. Could Helps xD

Thanks for the help and Support! :+1:

Yes @zaiba202 In my case it’s been June that the offers stopped so. I thought that Summer’s season could be the reason. I will check my gigs and find out what things I can updated.

Thanks for the wishes!! I hope the same for you!! :+1:

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Hey! Those advices that you gave me are good!! I already do some of them. I will check what I can update or change in my gigs to get notice better. And I’m agree with you probably I’m new on this but the first jobs that I got I was doing with the goal that the client can give me a good points of stars (5/5 :crossed_fingers: )

And wow I’m impressed how well you doing, that means you have been working hard :+1:

Thank you very much for you advices and support!!!

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