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It’s gone quiet. Am I at fault?

Hey guys. Can someone cast an eye over my gig? I’ve recently updated and have gone from regular work to all quiet and losing clicks and impressions.

Any feedback is welcome

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Maybe there could be a comma added to the title before “proofread”?

In the gig description it says things like “…I’ve had the joy of Ghost Writing and working as a Virtual Editor” but you don’t say that’s what you’re doing in the gig. The description says more about your past work than it does about what you do in the gig, eg. what types of articles/content are you offering to write in the gig (what topics are you best at)? edit: It does say all topics in the FAQ but you could maybe put something in the gig description about the topics. There’s probably some you are better/more expert at than others.

Also it says that over the years you wrote “…Product and Movie Reviews” but putting that might make people think you are offering to write product reviews in the current gig which would be against Fiver’s TOS/policy.

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After reading your gig, I’m still not sure what you’re actually selling… So I agree with Uk1000.

I also think it’s better to have more professional pictures of your work examples or something like that as your gig pictures…

And your pricing descriptions don’t explain any difference between the levels, in addition to the copy having mistakes.

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About that for the gig pictures. I’ve uploaded PDFs of previous work including a credential but it doesn’t seem to show properly. I was thinking that maybe it was on my end so I’ll double check them.

The title of the gig on my end says writing articles and blog posts so I’ll have to check if that’s missing if you’re saying that you can’t see what I’m selling :roll_eyes: I do hate computers sometimes lol

Front what you guys are saying you’re seeing there’s LOADS missing from my gig description that is showing on my end. Oh well looks like I’m off to have a chat with CS lol