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It\'s Unfair to Fiverr Sellers

I did a very good job for a buyer who then came back after some months saying the job wasn’t okay and requested for a refund… I accepted to make a refund but warned him not to use the job I did for him on his site since he said he was not satisfied with it… The guy reported me to Fiverr for being unprofessional, and then Fiverr sent me a WARNING… Is that fair? Is it fair that after spending time and energy on a job, the client will make use of the job, and then come back complaining to Fiverr. Fiverr, on their part, will just take sides with the buyer without hearing from the seller? WHERE IS THE SELLER’S RIGHT AND PROTECTION?

Why did you refund?
To be honest, I believe sellers who refund without question dont deserve to be allowed to complain about it.
If it was months ago then he can do nothing about it.
Your RIGHTS and PROTECTION were there, you just gave them away with a voluntary refund. As for the warning, I wouldnt worry about it. Its easier for Fiverr to give a little meaningless warning than to have to investigate every little stupid complaint that idiot buyers make. I’ve had a couple, I have no idea what for or for what clients or if they ever were clients. Never made any difference to me.

Fiverr is pretty much always going to believe what buyers tell them. They don’t come running to you to ask for your side of the story, they just issue you a warning. It sucks, but they’ve definitely got that “Customer is always right” mentality. Which is fine, most of the time, until it takes a toll on the people who actually make them their money (the sellers).

Other than that, I agree with eoinfinnegan. Why would you refund an order that was months old? I understand wanting to provide good customer service, but it shouldn’t take someone months to figure out whether or not your service was worth their money. I’m, just in general, a proponent of not providing undeserved refunds to buyers, but especially not months after the fact.

You gotta make your own fairness in some respects. You can’t expect Fiverr to be fair to you, but you should at least be fair to yourself.

You refunded him after a few months, WHY? Once the gig says completed, that’s it, too bad if they don’t like it, esp after a few weeks, if they didn’t say anything in that time period that’s tough luck, let them take it up with customer support!
You earned that $5, they scammed you I’m afraid! :frowning:

Of course you should have politely said no.

What exactly did you say to him that would make customer support send you a warning?