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It\'s Urgent

My previous Fiverr ID (sajibmallick)( is recently disabled By Fiverr. My fault I have been promoting my gigs on our buyers request page several time. They warned several times. But I thought that, my procedure to post a request on Buyer page is wrong that’s why they warned me and field to post on Buyer page. then I again post request on Buyer page. As a result my ID is blocked.I know it’s my fault. But If it is violation to Fiverr Terms of Service Why this option (Selling>Buyer Requests>Post a Request) Is here on
My screen…Finally I came to know if I buy a gig from some one then This optin mean post a requesr is not violation to Fiverr Terms of Service and will be post.

I have tried 2 times by posting request Fiverr Customer Support but they told me that ID will not active anymore. I need this ID it was nearly level 2 seller. Please Please tell me how I will be able to reactive my ID.

You should not ignore warnings. You have been constantly warned and yet you continued doing the same thing. The Buyer’s Request should only be used by the buyer to post their request or unique project.

Yes that was my fault…please tell me how I will be able to get back my ID. There were 21 review, now It’s impossible for me to get job in my new ID. I am in great problem. I will do not do that fault again.

Yes I know kjblynx That was my fault.