It says I did NOT deliver when I DID!


I delivered my order 15 hours BEFORE the due date, and it says that I am late and have not completed it. WHAT THE HECK!!?! EVEN the buyer said she liked it and thanked me and approved, she clearly received it! WHY is it saying I am late and that the buyer can cancel!? That means she can get my drawing I worked hard on for free now, even if it is just four dollars. This is unfair and it’s going to affect my already bad ratings, I’m trying hard to pick them up again. YES I UPLOADED IT AND DELIVERED, AND YES I AM UPSET BECAUSE I KNOW DELIVERED IT AND IT SAYS I DIDN’T. HELP!!!


I don’t know where else to go to fix this, and I can’t contact fiverr directly because I can’t find an email or anything. I don’t want my ratings to go down because of this D:<



Sometimes there is a glitch. Contact Customer Support right away. Explain it to them.