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It says not enough characters but I have more in my description!


Fiverr says that gig description is to small when I have well over 120 characters.
Help! what should I do?


Try making it longer. A description with only 120 characters really isn’t enough.

The longer and more descriptive and complete your description is the more likely you are to make sales. Use the full amount of space. It doesn’t cost extra.


Like @misscrystal says, you need to make your description longer.

If you’re struggling, look at other gigs offering the same or similar services to yourself. What do they include in their descriptions that you don’t?

Don’t copy+paste their descriptions, as this will put people off buying your gig and could get you in trouble with the other seller. However, there’s no harm in taking inspiration to see what you’re missing from your own gig.

Remember, the description is the “make it or break it” thing for many buyers. If they don’t like what they see, or don’t understand exactly what you’re offering, then they won’t buy it.