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This number is already connected to a Fiverr account. It says registered to my number.
I can’t verify please correct it.
Please help me. I can’t add the number to my account.


Someone used your phone. Contact CS.

ereneser25 Have you used this number in any other account before?

yes i used it before but i want your number deleted

Message CS to delete the number from the old account. if your old account still active then you can replace this number and add this number to the new account.:+1:

Why are using your new fiverr account then instead of an old account where you have your number connected?

my old account has been closed

My old account was both very irregular and now I am more experienced and I believe I will do good work.

What do you mean by “irregular”?
You know that you could just change your gigs instead of creating new account, right?

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my account has been closed

Then contact CS about that. There is no other way…

I want my number on my old account deleted, that’s all

Can you send a link?

Thank you for helping

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you can message Fiverr support and tell them your problem, maybe fiverr can help you better and unlink your number to fiverr, then you can easily do fiverr new account verification with code.