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It seems a little one sided, can someone sway this opinion please?

It seems like the longer you have been on Fiverr the better your success has been. It doesn’t seem like being new on here will actually get you business on a regular basis. Ive received a few here and there but nothing really serious like the other gigs that have a permanent spot on the front pages and being featured. With thousands of other reviews over the last 3-4 years, it is really hard to compete with the “Review Driven” mentality of the buyer today. I admit, I do it myself but I’m learning to support the new and up and coming talent. Out of the reviews I have received, I feel my services are up to and or the same as the featured ones, does Fiverr switch things up every now and then or what? Ive seen the same ads and gigs for over a month now and it’s starting to get a little worrisome. Thank you all for reading this and keeping the conversation professional.

Why are you so worried about the conversation (or lack of) descending into unprofessionalism? New gigs have their day in the sun, too, as do high ranking gigs. This really does sound like a bit of a sour grapes moan, especially with the creation of the “review driven buyer mentality” character. Everyone looks at reviews prior to purchase. More positive reviews, more trust. It’s pretty simple. Why suddenly turn it into an ogre?

Anyway, from my observation Fiverr switches the gigs around every 6 hours and seem to have some other sort of shifting thing in place but I don’t know. Ask the algorithm–but it doesn’t care about anything except what it’s programmed to, which is pure $$$.

If you’re as good as you say you are, then you’ll make it up the ranks, like the rest of us. You’ve only been a member since August! It took me 18 months to become a TRS. It’s not one-sided, I just think you’re feeling a bit entitled and disappointed.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is your reputation. Back to the grindstone.

I guess I should have stated that I was reading other posts on here and was just trying to get a better understanding of how the algorithms are used. I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was entitled, I apologize for that. A lot of the veterans were typing like they were entitled since they have been on longer. My intention of the topic was just to get a better grip on Time Vs Content. I’ve read up on the academy and have implemented several of their tips. Ive seen my numbers rise after that and then nothing for days. Plenty of other people have been complaining about the lack of gigs for days and weeks at a time. Also, check yourself on where I posted this. Its in the Ranting Pot. Im Ranting. No sour grapes here.

On a personal note, next time please don’t mistake confidence for entitlement. I do very well and take care of my family doing what I love. Fiverr is just something I am planing on using the extra money to purchase large amounts of crack cocaine. (kidding) I would understand If I wrote something like this:

“All these voice over actor on fiverr suck. I am the best and I should be on the front page. I have only been on Fiverr for a month but I am way better then everyone else and should be the first one they see when the log in and the last one they see when they log out.”

But I didn’t, I said “Up to or the Same” One lady voices a contract for Febreze. I voice Ebay ads, we are both professionals, in the same industry with the same background. Time does reflect your listings on Fiverr. I was just trying to get some veterans to open up and give me some details on how long it took to get steady gig orders.

I do agree with you. Fiverr is in it for the money. Ive seen plenty of people that had to ask to become featured. Ive also seen a TRS with only 32 sales TOTAL! Ive seen Level 2 sellers with NO REVIEWS… What is up with that? Is that the algorithm ogre? (see what I did there?) The site has plenty of bugs as you can read through the posts here. So yes, I did have some concern that they can’t fix a bug to allow my client hear my file on their phone but had the ogre in order.

Thanks for the professional reply.

Hi there, it took me quite a few months to have steady customers and even now I get down to no orders at all for a week and then I will get 5 or 6 then nothing, its kinda random. I am a level 2 seller and do not care if I ever get to TRS status, just a steady stream of orders works fine for me. Keep your chin up eventually they will come.