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It seems all good with my Gigs but not getting orders

Hello Friends,
Can anyone guide me about my gigs as I am getting good numbers of impressions, clicks, & views, but still did not get any single order or even just inquiry. After around a month now I am getting frustrate about it.
Can anyone here to help me or guide me that where I did wrong with my Gigs?

Guys your support and response would be highly appreciated.



Brother do not vary and still do practice and mostly stay online, Inshallah you will get the orders soon.


Just a heads up – having two gigs that offer the exact same service is against Fiverr’s TOS! You might want to delete one of the background removal gigs so that you don’t get a strike on your account.

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Please look at the analysis of my gigs… It seems all is going good but … :frowning:

Can anybody help me?

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