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It seems that client wants to get my work for free


Hi, my name is Estee, I’m from Europe.
I delivered custom order in time, made a good description of all client’s requirement. To review project as well client has a live link. But there is a problem with source file. Last years I’m using last version of the software - Axure RP8, it also mentioned in gig description. But client told me after delivering, that he can’t open it, because he has only Axure RP7. Although last version has free trial, he don’t want to install it. In the same time, Axure isn’t backwards compatible. If client told me to use Axure 7 from the beggining, I’d do this, but last years Axure RP8 i actual, it’s no novelty.
At the same time, client has working link and source file, but don’t want to afford to update and pay now.
I made good work - high quality and on time, and want to receive my money and don’t want to cancel order.
What can you advise?


Связаться с саппортом либо же переделывать в RP7.

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This is a translation from Google-----“Contact with support or rework in RP7.”


Предложила клиенту переделать - молчит. Да и переделать невозможно - только заново создавать. В саппорт тоже написала… Надеялась, что у кого-то были подобные случаи.

Mod Note: Google Translation–“Suggested to the client to alter - it is silent. And it’s impossible to remake - just to create a new. In the support, too, wrote … I hoped that someone had similar cases.”


I understand your view, but is it possible that your buyer didn’t know Axure RP8 wasn’t backwards compatible? I do work in Excel and no-one understands the compatibility of functions across different versions even though everyone uses it. I’ve got disclaimers all over my gig now and in my FAQs that if it doesn’t work in a different version of Excel, or Windows, or on a Mac, it’s the buyer’s responsibility. Before I did this, I had to cancel orders if I ended up in this situation.

I advise you to cancel the order, mark this down as a lesson learnt, and then make your gig description and FAQs watertight to prevent it happening again.


Thank you. Very sad lesson. But I think there are dozens of situations, and not sure client will read my gig information. In gig description I mentioned that I’m working in Axure 8.
Evenmore, there is no problem to use Axure 8 in parallel with Axure 7. Let’s see how support will help


Wow, I had no idea something like Axure couldn’t save/convert between versions. You’d think for that price it would do everything but cook your dinner and clean your house. Yikes.

@capitalquality I had no idea Excel was like that either. I mean, I knew that the MS Starter versions they produced for a while were different, but I didn’t realize that the full versions were that different. Good to know. And I didn’t like Excel in the first place.

An Adobe rep told me the same thing about Adobe software, but it doesn’t seem to be quite the case (they claimed the files are no longer compatible past 3 versions).

What is wrong with these software companies? Why don’t they add features and improve things, rather than making the customers angry by playing the “your file is too old” game?

@shlain You could also add it in as a requirement (in addition to the extra notices on your Gig). You could add a question that says “Do you want an Axure RP8 source file, or an Axure RP7 source file? Please be aware that Axure RP8 is NOT backwards-compatible!” Then make it so they have to choose one or the other. Then the Gig won’t start until they choose. Or some version of that, depending on how your Gig is set up. I see you said it’s a custom order, so I’m not sure if that’s appropriate (not sure if your Gig normally contains Axure work or not), but maybe you could use the idea somehow.


@artlifeoriginal thank you for idea! of course, I’ll include this info. 90% of my clients never open source file - they need only working link, but I always send this file.


I’ve had issues with clients not being able to open Illustrator source files.

I’ve provided them with the source file, helped them to the best of my ability and hope for the best!

I don’t think it’s fair to lose money over work done though I think clear communication is key, and you’ll learn from your past mistakes what you should outline before moving forward with any given project.

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