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It seems that the average prices have disappeared :-)

Does anyone still see the average prices on the gigs?
I only see the “starting at” prices this evening.

If it is confirmed that Fiverr stops displaying these average prices, I think this is good news (although I would like to understand what these prices could be useful for. It’s like a mistery for me…)



Right now I see starting prices only. Looks good so far! I had been seeing only average pricing for at least a week, maybe longer.


I legit just got 3 messages from new clients…wow.


true! back to normal here!


Note: We are soon going to get past the high vacation periods. Those tests with “Average” prices were NOT showing to all buyers, even when they were showing. (I have no idea if they are still showing to a subset, and unless Fiverr tells us, we may/may not know.)

Many people will think their slow time was due to that testing, but it never showed up for most buyers, even if it could be showing for you to some buyers.

Internally they will have the test data, and see the results. If it returned more than the “Starting at” we will see it again. If it returned less, we are unlikely to see it.

The competition in most categories continues to grow. I don’t see that stopping.

What we did in the past to succeed is unlikely to be the only key to future success/growth.


I genuinely don’t care. All I can tell as soon as the Average Prices went away I finally got some orders. Some thing are just wrong and Average Prices were one of em.


I would agree with this if it had not been just April that I finally hit my target sales wise after a steady solid climb and working toward it for years, only to see it plunge back to what I made two years ago the next month. So by past you must mean April.

It’s ok there are always ups and downs. I just got used to the steadiness of this site over the years and could work towards a goal.


We’re on the same page. I simply noticed that there is more competition in my category this last six months, and Fiverr is doing more to expose some of the newer people in the searches.

That means people who used to always be at the top are not shown quite as often. (But they generally have both word of mouth from existing clients AND social proof of their value…)

My gut says they want to see how a new person does if people know about them. Sometimes someone new to Fiverr has extensive experience before joining Fiverr so the newer systems tend to give them a chance for a short while, and if they do well, they can climb up faster.

(All just my theories…)

It’s always possible someone new is actually better than me, but I have some incumbent advantage, so they are creating more exposure for the newer people to see how they do. (Side note: Only being here 15 months or so, I still think of myself as on the newer side…)

I also think the site is changing, and some categories that did well in years past will be less important to Fiverr over time. It’s possible VO is hot this year, and cools next year -OR- becomes more important.

All categories can’t be equal, and if “Business writing” (pick a category) becomes one of the top sellers, Fiverr will focus more on it and put less energy into something else. They are going to go where the market is larger over time, and what we did in the past may not apply in six months or two years.

BTW - No different than most other freelance sites, or running out own sites. A site can be hot for a few years, then fade as competitors come into the space -OR- the masses decide to look elsewhere for other products/services.

What I’m clear on is success over the last year or three may not be the blueprint for success over the next year or three. That’s the difficult part, and there are no absolute answers. We all take out best shot at predicting the trends.


Messages from potential buyers are arriving in my inbox today. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there’s a new approach on how Fiverr tests changes & new features: they do the change, then they monitor the forum for chaos or lack thereof :smiley: In this case, the chaos was pretty loud.


My gut says the algorithm is broken-- unless fiverr deliberately wants to earn less revenue for some reason.


They tried the “test and learn” method but they discovered “test and crash”.


I can picture the dev manager entering the team room and saying “Are you guys ready for a crash-challenge? winner takes all the doughnuts for a week!” and everyone “yay!” :smile: Who knows what’s going on there :stuck_out_tongue:


@Woofy31 always makes me laugh. :joy:


That makes little sense to me. They are doing more marketing, and if the newer system is selling less, they would see it in a day or three. You clearly think they are not all that smart, or short sighted, but my gut says they are smart to test.

Some tests WILL fail, but that’s life in business. Testing during the slowest times of the year is smart business, because if something doesn’t work, it has less impact on the overall system. (All testing will have some individuals do far better or worse than previous periods…)

Just because my category (or my personal business) is up or down, doesn’t mean the whole system/category is moving that way.

People that are doing quite well, or maintaining their overall sales are far less likely to jump into a thread where others are seeing declines.

Sometimes they don’t want to alert their competitors, sometimes they don’t want to brag, especially when others are singing the blues.

Again: We all have a VERY limited view on how the whole system is doing, and how different categories are performing compared to last week, last month or last year.

They are going to have huge sets of data to verify their direction -OR- see how it’s going off track.

Everything I’m hearing is they continue to grow… time will tell.


People think a business always acts in logical ways. I have no real idea what is going on.
No one does on this forum.

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I absolutely agree… We have a very limited view. Mostly our gigs, plus a limited view of peers in our category.

That said, someone who has access to the database on the inside (management team) can see trends and overall sales regularly.

If testing is being run, someone can see the results in hard numbers based on those tests. That doesn’t mean they pay attention to it, but it’s available to the management team if they choose to use it.

Either they will make good choices and grow the business, or another competitor will enter the market and take share from them.

Little stays the same over time in these types of businesses. They grow, die or get bought out by other companies doing better (think AOL, Yahoo, Blackberry, and many other tech based companies…)

I think they are doing a great job, but others may not be happy with the direction. We’ll see how it all plays out over the next year or three.

It’s not so simple probably and ultimately someone or a team of people make decisions about what to do. So it rests on human beings to do the best things which might not be obvious to them as it might seem to be to us. They also might be in disagreement. Things are more complex than looking at the revenues and saying ok this works we will do it this way.

There may be more important things they seek than increased revenue right now. Sometimes mistakes can be made also.


Right on… I agree it can be complex and there can be trade-offs. They select their objectives, but they still have a large set of data points if they want to use them.

Revenue is only one example. They see which gigs are doing better, which ones aren’t. Both in revenue and overall sales. They should be able to see which categories are growing, which are staying the same or declining.

If it was easy, lots of companies would have cracked the formula by now. Combined with the market changing, the freelancers coming and going, there are a hundred moving parts.

My only point is the people on the inside have access to a far stronger picture (more data points) of the trends than I will ever have. That assumes they take advantage, make good choices, and also assumes someone on the inside is driving the growth in a specific direction. (I hear they are on a drive to improve quality, and revenue per gig… I suspect there are other factors too.)

There are a hundred options they can select among, I hope they make great choices, but we’ll see.