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It Seems there is A problem With The Messaging System


Please is anyone out there going through this? I cant seems to upload an order. Even when I reply to my messages I dont see them. After hitting send, the whole thing just disappears and reload again. Please help out, I have just 20hrs to turn this order in.

Unable to upload files

Hi Stephanie! I have the same problem right now. I can’t deliver any order and attach a file to the message (and even send it, the text just dissappears). Also my profile picture is just a text for me. Hope they will fix this soon.


I am also having this same problem. Hopefully they get it fixed soon because I can’t even message my buyer to tell them I have their project finished, but the upload feature isn’t working.


I hope they fix it very soon. I have just 20hrs remaining.

I cannot answer to my buyers

same Problem here. just wait few time. hope fiverr team resolve it ASAP :slight_smile:


Happening to me.

The Fiverr app messaging system still works.


yeah. everyone lets wait like we waiting for a bus train to the bank


Yeah. I tried that too, but it wont let me upload my file. You can deliver a job through the app either.


This issue happened a week or so ago and was resolved quickly. Just wait 15-20 minutes and post again. Hopefully it will go through for you.


thank you very much for the hope:blush:


Same problem here. I have tried cleaning up all history, cookies and switched to Mozilla Firefox from Google Chrome but nothing works. :frowning:


SAME! It’s been more than 2 hours.


Same problem here ! I have tried to clear cache and cookies but no luck


I’m having the same problem. Can’t deliver orders, can’t send messages, can’t upload files. I get “unknown error” or “503 service unavailable” error messages. It’s been over 20 minutes now and I can’t seem to get anything to work.


Ok! As long as I am not the only one I don’t feel as worried. I am sure Fiverr will fix it soon, I hope so! :slight_smile:


I am having the same problem, and an unable to reply to a buyer in my inbox. Also, I cannot see either my seller profile image or my gig’s portfolio image, when I try and view them. While I can see the text, the images don’t seem to be downloading.


You can send message through app.


Even unable to send a message to fiverr support!


Fiverr sure knows the problem by now. Let’s hope for a fast fix.


It’s a Amazon S3 issue