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It takes 48 hours for a mutual cancellation to be automatically accepted now

Used to be 72.

This means that if somebody cancels late on a Friday evening and you don’t work the weekends, it will be automatically refund by Sunday evening. Note: it also counts as a ‘negative’ on your account when you do not respond to a mutual cancellation request.

Sensible Fiverr. Sensible.

You don’t include a ‘count down’ time any more saying when it will be automatically refunded within 2 days (It used to say “You have 3 days to respond to this cancellation request”)

How did I realise?

Just saw a mutual cancellation request sent on the 18th at 2:08am. Cancelled by 20th at 2:08am. (this is my first day back at work since then, it wasn’t even a major request, I just forgot to attach a single article on a 8 article order). I am not too bothered. She will reorder. However, what if this happened with another client?

Somebody could have a delivery, reject it, send a mutual cancellation request. If I am not around for 48 hours (Which happens when I travel), that gets automatically approved. I know that there are some people on Fiverr who are not around every day and so this would be irritating to them.

72 hours = makes sense for those who do not work at weekends.

48 hours = too short.

If clients have 72 hours to mark an order as complete, we need 72 hours to deal with mutual cancellation requests.

Note: I don’t know when it changed. Fiverr just told me it has always been 48 hours (from a new customer support agent), but I know for a fact it wasn’t. I haven’t had a mutual cancellation request that I haven’t declined in minutes recently so I wouldn’t know.

Just a touch irritating and thought I would tell people!

If it has been 48 hours for a while, it needs to go back to 72 for those who do not work weekends. Clients have 72 hours to notify us of any issues, we should have 72 hours too.

I’ve always known it to be 48 hours! But I’ve been on the site for just about a year now, so perhaps maybe back then it was 72…

Looking back at a really old order, it looks like it was 72 in 2014 based on when requested and finally cancelled. I have replied to all mutual cancellation requests in about an hour since then.

There certainly used to be a countdown timer though. Now it doesn’t say how long until cancellation (which is annoying)

Not really bothered all that much about this cancellation because it will be reordered. Would be bothered if I didn’t work weekends though and received a request late on a Friday. Thankfully I can always respond in time.

48 hours means people always have to be ‘on’ or they have orders snatched away from them. (plus the feedback, it marked it as a late delivery when it still had 23 days left on the timer)

I thought it has always been 48 hours, but how do you know you are negatively penalized? Whenever I have people who don’t read directions and then request a refund, I let it cancel on its own. I’m in no hurry for them to get their money back for neglecting to order properly.

It does add to your cancellation rate if the buyer doesn’t accept. If that happens a lot, you can technically lose search positions and even levels. I would love to see it changed so that a non-responsive buyer couldn’t negatively affect you. So far, though, only a mutually accepted cancellation is totally harmless.

Hmm, that’s so weird. A mutual cancellation should be a mutual cancellation, no matter how it ends. Thanks for your response! I had no idea.

It isn’t so apparent when you get tons of orders. However, not responding to a mutual cancellation gives you a ‘hidden’ 1 star review. If the buyer doesn’t respond to it, they also get a hidden 1 star review. You can see it if a new buyer (who has never acted as a seller) comes to you. If they fail to respond to a mutual cancellation, they suddenly end up with a seller rating (20% positive)

When this one cancelled I received an email saying “cancelled for late delivery” when it still had about 20 days to run on the clock.

Why would a buyer refuse to accept a cancellation request from a seller? And yet it happens. Then the seller is either forced into doing work they can’t do, resulting in something that is not good being delivered, or having to ask customer support to force the cancellation.

You can force the cancellation on your end (at least you used to be able to) but it is an automatic negative feedback. I don’t know if that still happens since the introduction of the ‘five star’ rating system. It used to leave a feedback saying “thumbs down” though.

I’ve done it a few times and no feedback was left.

Ah. They changed it then! I remember when I first signed up and ending up with 4 negative feedbacks right off the bat because I force cancelled orders (they were removed by customer support). i always found that a weird feature.