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It takes a while no matter how skilled you are

So I came across this video.
This guy used to be a Fiverr seller back in the day, but then stopped selling, and came back after a few years.
This guy is quite skilled and has decent experience, but even for somebody like him it took more than 3 weeks to get an order. Once he got that first order and delivered it, the same buyer returned for more because he was good at what he did. Seems like he made a decent amount of money, good for him. If he was lucky he might have gotten his first order in a week, who knows.

Bottom line is, he was good at what he did. It said “I will PROFESSIONALLY edit your video,” in his gig description and he was not lying. HE WAS A PROFESSIONAL!!!

He did NOT stay online for 24 hours,
he did NOT spam people with messages and beg.
He did NOT lie about being a professional.

It’s so simple. Don’t lie, and be sure you’re good at what you do.


Yep. I have found trend here on fiverr lying or even using someone else’s images. That’s the almost sure way to fail on Fiverr. By lying or even scamming, spamming you may get one order. That will be your only first and last order.
Don’t have to be best out there just be genuine and do not lie. For a 5$ gig people are not really looking for a professional, they want genuine trusted people who can job done.


Have you seen this video? It’s a tad outdated (pre-Covid) but it’s mostly still relevant. And very related to this topic.


I also watched it a couple of weeks ago !

I was amazed at the time it took him to get a job, everything looked perfect in the designing of his gig. The thing is that he is competing in probably the most saturated category of the platform. So yes : even him will struggle to get ta first sale, because visibility is key.

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informative post ,we all must keep in mind these lessons as new sellers

thank you you’re video just inspire me for waiting more time…

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Simply waiting is not going to work.
I checked your gig and your description needs a lot of work, and that’s just the start.
I’m glad that the video inspired you, but just waiting is the last thing you should do.

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Just watched it now.
"Fiverr is a marathon, not a sprint. "

Great point!!!

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Simply waiting worked for me. Once it begins, you can’t hide from orders though.

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I believe that’s because your gig looks great and I can tell you put in a good amount of time setting it up :wink:

I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the other person.

Set up a very good looking gig ( with good descriptions etc) and THEN wait.
That can work! :smiley:
It worked for me too, it took several days for me to set up my gig, and all I did was wait and I got orders.
But again, I spent a LOT of time and made sure everything looked perfect.

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really a helpful video for new sellers.

Thank you !!!

For niche categories like yourself, It may work,
but for most people, if you just wait it can take years until the first order. I have waited for 4 years, believe me :stuck_out_tongue: And I don’t even think my gigs were that bad.

work like what in description

it is a post in which we can get inspiration.