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It took how many days to get your first Order?


Today I got my first order after 36 days of creating my account.
in case your how many days it took to get your first order
Share your experience :heart_eyes:

First order on fiverrrrr

I’ve been here for nearly five years. I honestly do not remember how long it took before I earned my first order. That being said, though, congratulations on becoming a seller here on Fiverr.


Congratulations :slight_smile: I made my very first gig only a few days ago. Looking forward to getting my first order soon.


I got my first order on the first or the second day, I don’t remember exactly.


Well done!

I started 1 year ago, and I had to wait 2-3 months before getting my first order.


Recently I also Completed my 1st order. And Its been 50 days later, probably. I know I have to wait, have patience and skill up myself :slight_smile:


If I remember it correctly, I got my order the very next day.
Just to be clear though, I spent a LOT of time setting up my gigs.


congratulation …


I was the exact same. Took about 2 weeks to research and create my gigs. First order the 2nd day I think.


I got my first order in probably less than a few hours


It took me about a year to get my first order


I have been here about 5 days and haven’t gotten my first order, but I am getting a lot of looks. It could be how I worded my gig but not sure. I am working on my sites as well in the mean time so it hasn’t been horrible as I know I am still new.


It took me two months to get my first order, partly because I did not advertise my gigs through social media when I first started. I started to promote my gigs on LinkedIn and have received clicks and orders ever since. But to be honest, it is still difficult to get orders from people you don’t know, especially for newbies on Fiverr. Any thoughts?


Only solution is to get a order from buyer request and to be in online for minimum 14 hour


still i waiting for 1st order


hope you will get it soon


2 months for me, I didn’t know the benefit of marketing in social media. But yes, once you get first review, buyer’s will have trust on you.
Best of luck !


It was 1 Month to get my first Order. I got that from social media. :hugs:


About 10hrs but fully agree with putting time into setting up your gig - phrasing, tags, SEO, etc. Also i have made my bread and butter on buyers requests.


hi jahin_chy I get first order in 11 days past