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It was a fun 4 Years


Well after just over 4 years I have decided to move on from Fiverr. It has been fun and it was fun in the beginning. But now it’s just a shadow of it’s former self. Constantly asking professional people who have been doing what they do for many years, to take tests. To learn this, to fill out that. Then on top of that you are punished if you cancel an order, because the buyer has not actually read the description correctly.

Sometimes you have to ask is it worth all the hassle of complying with constant changes, and for me it just isn’t anymore. I genuinely like Fiverr and this is not an angry post after being demoted or anything like that. It’s a decision based on last years sales compared to previous years sales and the constant changes. Giving a percentage to Fiverr has always been fine with me, but now it’s just not worth the hassle and far better to go back to working from my own website. I would rather go hungry than sell my soul for a couple of dollars.

After a weekend of thought decided my gigs probably became a little stale if I am truly honest as well. So I am going Back To the Future to when I started on Fiverr and have made some new gigs. I still have some concerns, but like I said I generally like Fiverr and it’s nice to be around other creatives. Have a great day.


punished if you cancel an order, because the buyer has not actually read the description correctly.

This is the part that kept me away from getting levels, every month, someone will be out there to do this


Yeah it’s a real shame. I understand why all the changes, they are under pressure from their owners to make more money. But I wonder at what cost?


We have to put up with things due to bad sellers or ones who are not working the way they should. Nothing is without problems including running your own site. Wishing you luck and happiness in the coming year.

I love this site personally. Fiverr is made for me.


I get the feeling.
I turned on vacation mode back in August and right now I’m only doing some minor WordPress maintenance tasks for old customers. I’m not taking on new clients simply because there’s too much hassle. The purchase flow for the buyer is super simple, but the project delivery process for a seller is painful.

I’m still using Fiverr as a buyer because the services here are incredibly cheap, but thanks to Facebook groups and few other platforms I’m finding really good sellers outside of Fiverr as well.


Oh for sure had my own website for nearly 20 years, problems I don’t mind. Had a business many years ago also. But there is so many buying our services and selling them on, nothing new or wrong with that. But it is causing so many issues, as it’s like sellers are being fleeced twice, with the added risk of not being paid.