It was... great once :(


I started Fiverr in May 2016, back when I started it was great for me. I got sales as expected but later I had to take 2-month vacation unfortunately and when I started back again it was not as before. I hardly get any orders. What went wrong?


Nothing went wrong, you just aren’t getting the same level of sales that you did earlier. I really wish people would stop associating periods of low sales with something having gone wrong.

Just like in any business, sales rise and fall. If sales fall, you might drop a bit in the rankings, but I can assure you, nothing went wrong. Start promoting your gigs. Get the word out among your target customers. You need to take responsibility for your own success. Don’t expect Fiverr to do that for you. If sales are down, work to bring them back up. It’s as simple as that.