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It was hard! But I managed to get my level 2 badge back!

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share my experience how got my level 2 badge back.

Couple of months ago I was demoted to new seller from level 2 (2 steps). I was frustrated, a little bit angry and sad. But I worked hard and got my level back. yay!!

Earlier, I did not care about my cancellation rate as this was the main factor for me.
I am a web developer and I build websites at my gig. As many of us knows that a website can be different kind and I can’t built all kinds websites with my default gig price and time. So I mentioned in my gig desc. to message me first before placing order. But some people don’t care to read my gig desc. and jump in right to it. And this was a huge pain… I got demoted mainly because of this.

But this time I worked hard and made some of my fixing gigs (that was easy, $5) back to live so that I can maintain my completion rate if an ignorant buyer mess up everything for me.
One more thing I did was working with the bad buyers too to avoid cancellation. Earlier I sent refund to the buyers how thinks that he bought me with his order. But now sadly I had to work with them to avoid cancellation. Currently working with one as well. Giving me tons of updates and I am doing like I am his *****.

Overall I am really happy with the promotion but sad also. I don’t know how much I can handle this because this is out of my comfort zone. I don’t know if I will be able to maintain my level 2 next month either. But I believe Fiverr developers are working on this and will work for the good.


You have a wonderful attitude toward the monthly evaluation system.

I tend to agree with you about some individuals who do not read the entire description and sometimes request more work without feasible compensation.


Hi buddy,

You need to stand your ground and advise this bad buyer that any more work will be extra as it wasn’t in the original scope of the order.

Buyers think now they can get that what they can get free work from us because of an evalutation system us sellers have to maintain.

No more I say…sellers need to stand up to the freebie seekers and to fiverr’s crappy levelling system.


Yeah! I believe they will fix them…

I do think so too. But what good will come from that?
Buyers will cancel the order at the end or leave negative feedback.

Hands are tied.

Hello guys,
I am a new seller on this platform. @arup43 Thank you for sharing your bad experience and the remedy you mentioned above.

I didn’t face anything bad like you share but I heard the worst than you. One bad client is enough to drag you down from the haven. Even I heard that some buyer order without any contact or details about the project, after that they don’t response your message until the project deadline. When they come on that day they find their project incomplete and give a bad review which is annoying.

Wish anyone doesn’t face that. Thank you all.

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I hope you don’t get any bad experience in future as well. @jessy455

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fiverr new evaluation system is really painful as I lost my level one seller badge today.

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I am sorry to hear that :frowning: I believe fiverr developers are working on for a better options as per the feedbacks they are asking. :slight_smile: Hopping for the good.

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I wish Fiverr will listen our feedbacks @arup43

Lets hope they will :slight_smile: