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It was very strange with me

Hello everyone!
I explain the one pink dot I was very happy to see that on my fiverr Messages. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You all know what happened next. :innocent:

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pink point?

i dont follow

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The pink dot that shows you that you have an unread message.

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I have mixed feelings about the pink dot. Sometimes it leads to a sale, the rest of the time its something that will surely waste my time.

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@gdm2018 Pink Message!

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@tiakovolana image
Im talking about it :rofl:

and did that pink dot lead to something exciting?

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This is what my latest pink dot led me too: Would you like to work for free?


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Yes, I was very happy because of this point. I have more hope

Seeing it creates more passion in the heart

I call that trapped wind :rofl:

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yeah i saw that

mine lead to the worst log i think ive seen in my life <.< im still getting over it. thing is, its no where near in scope, and i recognise the template they appropriated from my old logo

ah well, something to do i suppose


It was a notification but it was great to see