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It Wasn't A Late Delivery! It was an Extra!

I had a job which should have taken 2 days, I delivered the client the order in about 28 hours so well within my limits. However, the client then asked if she could add an extra to the order. It was a $5 extra and it took me only an hour to complete. However, we had been discussing the issue at about the 48-hour mark.

Now my understanding was after the first delivery the timer was no longer threatening to affect your late order rate. However, because the client accepted a change to the order at hour 47… by the time I had completed the work and delivered it just after hour 48.

Fiverr sent me a message to say the order was late and I noticed my stats were immediately affected.

I then emailed Fiverr customer service and was told there was nothing I could do.

The reason for this post is just to check if anyone knows of anything I can do to rectify this… should I escalate the problem to a higher member of the fiverr staff or will my efforts ultimately be wasted.

Has anyone had a late order reverted?

I am well aware that many people who might not have understood my situation to well will comment and tell me that I simply need to deliver all my files inside the time to avoid this but that is not terribly helpful. I didn’t add any time to the extra because I knew it would only take me an hour since the first delivery had already been sent I didn’t know the timer gets re-set upon an extra’s added. Did you?

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I hope that by reaching out to someone more knowledgable I can recover my 100% Order delivery time without waiting 2 months.

Kind Regards
Diamond Leopard - Rob

Sounds odd to me.

And there’s always something they can do.

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That’s what I thought! I might ask again.

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I am sorry this happened to you. :crying_cat_face:

I don’t think this holds true for extras. It only holds true in case of revisions. This has already been confirmed by a couple of sellers who were in the same situation as you (you could use the forum’s search feature to try and look for these posts).

The next time someone requests an extra after the order has already been delivered, be sure to add a time extension to the extra (yes, you have that option).

Unfortunately, I don’t think CS is going to do anything about your current stats. :frowning_face:


Yep, that’s a known thing. And quite annoying.

Now I’m just sending custom offers with a longer time instead of clients adding extras themselves


I can confirm that, I had same situation not so long ago. Buyer added extra after 48 hours and it was automatically late. Customer support told me exactly same as above you wrote.

True that. They won’t. They will just say that next time we should be more careful about extra