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It Will be great if we get Resolution Center option on Fiverr App?

It Will be great if we get Resolution center option on Fiverr App :slight_smile:


Nice, photoshopping skills, and not a shabby idea! :sunglasses:

I dig it! :ok_hand:t4:


I don’t see how anyone can try to do everything on the app. Although this may be a good idea I prefer a bigger screen to see clearly what is going on. I use the app to be notified of messages mostly.


Thank You! Nikavoice

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It will be benefit for sellers to cancel or modify order from mobile if they are not at their home/office :slight_smile:

Same here or to leave reviews.

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Same! I’m so happy there is a Fiverr app that allows me and notifies me about anything related to my account :slight_smile: