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It wont let my gig show when I know 18 people who im doing this gig with

My gig says:

Your Gig “Review Google Business On 18 Profiles Improves Your Search Ranking” Is Removed

The Gig failed to pass our review and is not visible to anyone. Click here to see your denied Gigs and learn more about this action.

This is NOT a scam, I HONESTLY KNOW 18 PEOPLE AND THIS IS ANNOYING, If I said 50 or 100 people then that would be me making fake profiles but this honestly is 18 real people I know that I’m using there profiles on, they are my family and friends in real life. please let me have my gig back took me ages to write it!

Paid reviews are against Google’s own policies.

You’d be getting paid for them, even if 18 other people posted them. The reviews would be fake anyway as the 18 people posting the reviews wouldn’t genuinely have used the services being reviewed.

That’s only your opinion I’m afraid.