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It would be nice to have a team account for sellers


Hi all,

Sometimes I need someone in fiverr to improve my work. I do promotional videos. Buyers ask for voiceover and unique music. I do not do these. Or they ask for promote their video on social media or need some seo for their website.

It would be nice if we have a team account and do the work together. I just say them if you have one send me. Team account will improve our sales and our work even our communication. I know some sellers here and just say please have a look at their profiles and get the work. Than I will finish your work. But this is also wasting time.


It’s a Great Idea and the steps should be taken to implement it. Team accounts can work best for the small size companies.


The concept is good but the system could easily be manipulated. Fiverr would have to think about something like this very carefully and it probably wouldn’t be as good as you imagine because there would definitely be restrictions (particularly on new sellers and level 1 sellers).