Its 2018 and I just made my account


It’s 2018 and I just made my account and first gig. I heard great things about Fiverr looking forward to be a part of it.

Any tips or tricks from seniors.


Big Congratulations…


Congratulations! Keep it up.



I’m not a senior member (I’ve only had two orders myself) but I did months upon months of research before posting any of my gigs, so I might have a little bit of insight.

  • Don’t Spam By this I mean, don’t message random people who offer similar gigs to you and ask if they need work doing. I think it used to be recommended some time ago, but it’s bad practice and you could easily be reported for spamming people.

  • Always try and resolve things with a buyer before they accept their final order Not every person who purchases your gig(s) will leave a review, but by satisfying them, you’re more likely to get one. I satisfied my first buyer so much that they even left me a tip, which was much appreciated, though I understand this isn’t the norm. It also increases the chance of having repeat customers if they liked your work the first time round, and they may pass the recommendation onto others.

  • Don’t worry if your buyer doesn’t respond after you’ve sent your order I’ve recently fulfilled my second order and became super anxious after the buyer didn’t reply, especially because it’s approaching the time limit. However, I spoke to customer services earlier and they said it’ll be automatically completed if the buyer doesn’t respond for three days after delivery. This is a very personal one and, from what I saw when searching for answers in the forum earlier, not necessarily very common, but I thought I’d add it in anyway.

  • Read as many forum posts for new users as possible The ‘upyour’ posts are good for this, which you can find by using the search bar to the right of the forum bar. These people know what works and what doesn’t on Fiverr and will be able to advise you accordingly.

  • Put yourself in the mind of a buyer when creating your listing What would your perfect buyer search to find your listing among the thousands of other gigs on this website? Think about it, and brainstorm some, before filling in the ‘tags’ section of your gig. Remember you can always edit this to make sure things continue to be up-to-date over time.

I hope these tips help, and good luck with your gigs!


Read the TOS word-by-word then excute… you will thank me later.


Thank you So Much I really appreciate your comment.


Thanks. I will for sure.




If you’re going to quote Milton Glaser in your profile description, make it clear that you’re quoting him, otherwise it’s plagiarism (and buyers might think that you’d sell them stolen designs).

Are the designs on your gig images yours (as in, you have created them from scratch, and haven’t sold the rights, so you’re allowed to use them to advertise your gig)? If not, it would be better to remove them, and use only your own design.



Off course I designed them that’s why I put them in my gig.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Welcome to Fiverr!!

Good luck! :blush:


Good luck its great here just be cautious and work hard :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr :pray:

Yes, you heard right. Fiverr is great place to earn by giving quality service.

My suggestion for you:

  • Make your first gig with less price and later you can increase
  • Promote your gig through social sites
  • live online as much as you can
  • Send proposal at buyer request

I hope it will help you lot at starting.