It's 31st August! How was the AUGUST SELLING?


Back to back another worst month for me. :sob: :sob: :sob: There was only a few projects I had done. How was the August selling of your’s side?


Made my first sale in August and since then, nothing. So much for freelancing. Something is certainly up but perhaps, it could or would be better soon.


Going in a line. Steady work. I had completed 11 orders in last 30 days.


Not bad as a new seller.


I applied so many buyer requests but still I do not get any job.


I cant really complain, I mean, I got Less jobs, but made more money,

I have learned new skills to offer And got a new job in my desired fiels (localizing games)

I became level 1

And i got a few jobs outside of fiverr,

so, pretty good I think,



I could have done better.