It's a Bird...It's a Plane... It's a Fiverr Level Two Seller!


Just become Level TWO seller;

As i was away from fiverr for some time, it took long time from L1 to L2.

Happy to be 5rr seller.


Congrats to you. I’m ten or so away. Tonight I was uploading an order and suddenly got the “file too large” message? I dunno man- it was 104 mb…


Probably you can upload the file to GOOGLE DRIVE and share it only with your buyer. Just remove once your buyer downloads it.




I see- Luckily for me it was a “song” gig and not cutting tracks for someone so they were ok with mp3. Sometimes I will go the dropbox route for random requests. Truth be told; I probably needed some more coffee before beginning my work day.






and… level two. Does my costume come in the mail or do I get it when I learn to use my superpowers?