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Its a bit diffrent ! how to choose a SELLER on fiverr

Hello friends i’m Hamza Zbaakh ( @HeamzaDesign )

Today i got in my mind a new idea well im not sure if its was a great idea ! but want to try it

its a new gig the buyers will contact me or maybe order my gig asking me for the best,trusting,extra fast … etc seller for example “i need a extra fast seller in logo design” and i will make a search to find the best seller from reviews,examples,how many days on Average etc…

i just want to share this and to communicate with all of you about this idea !

Hamza Zbaakh


At face value it looks interesting, but personally I would be worried that you could start showing favoritism toward some sellers, or that some sellers would have to give you a kickback from orders that you direct to them. Also, do you think there is a market out there for this? Fiverr’s search is pretty powerful already; I find it hard to believe that you can deliver something worth a $25 “deep search” when spending 10 or 15 extra minutes reading sellers’ profiles myself is free.

Reply to @amandygran: Year thats true maybe ! but i guess there’s some people or maybe some buyers even if they read sellers’ profiles they find some scammers ! or bad service this is my idea

I don’t think it’s a good idea. Only because it has the same perils as outsourcing. Your entire gig will rely on the sellers you are recommending. If the buyer isn’t happy with what you say is the “best” or “fastest”, you’ll potentially get a load of terrible feedback. Probably not many cancellations - in most instances your gig will be completed before the “best” or “fastest” ones that you suggest - but feedback can be left for a long time after completion.

Be very careful. If one of your customers ends up scammed or dissatisfied, they will be extra angry that they paid you to find ‘quality’ for them.

If you are looking to start sell on fiverr then provide a service or skill that you are good at… What are you good at? Jot down a few points about your skills, then do market research on fiverr to see your competition. try to provide something that is unique and different from anyone else. this will help you to be successful :slight_smile:

Reply to @safwan: Sorry but this is out of subject :confused: we talk about buyers not sellers