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It's a by chance or we need a "Super-man" profile?

Hi There. Hope you are doing amazing.
I’m new on Fiverr forum. SO, if there are people like me it will be interesting.
I had many messages but no orders. Understand that it’s cause my profile or gig description, but it’s also misunderstanding to me. I’ve tried change gigs, descriptions well, updated but still.

I ask you when you will be free check out my profile and give some advice. Evaluate my profile.

Thanks and waiting for your replies


Hey. I’m also a new member. Nice to meet you.
I suggest you to keep active in this forum and always read older articles. you can get clear ideas how it working. You should promote your gigs on every social media platform. It will increase your views and impressions.
Thank you😇

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Hi. Just be active, answer buyers requests carefully, do some courses from fiverr and share your gigs as much as you can on social media and blogs. When answering to possible clients don’t let them wait too much and give them full attention. Use the app on your phone so you can always be online. That’s important for the buyers.
Anyway, fiverr has a bug at the moment that is hiding our gig analytics and maybe our gigs are not having the same visibility as in the past. Let’s just wait and believe that they will fix that soon.

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Nice to meet you too. Thanks for answering. Agree with you, we need to share our gigs what I don’t often. I have a one case and maybe it will be useful for you too. Well, I made a gig and at the second day it was on the first page on design, it was amazing moment but I thought that it would be better to update and get it more attractive photo. So, then I changed and That gig wasn’t on the first page. It was getting low. That was my mistake and I think sharing is caring xd don’t repeat my mistake…

Thanks for answering. I’m not active in courses. I will. Thanks :wink:

You are welcome buddy.
Thanks for alerting me.I will take care not to make such mistakes. Hope you will get your first order soon. Wish you the best of luck.
Thank you.

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