It's a few mins. away from 6AM and I haven't slept yet


I couldn’t sleep so i’ve been awake for a while considering its already 6AM for me. Sooo i’m bored haha


I get that a lot lol!

My sleeping pattern has been pretty wacky


Reply to @psychicrainbow: Tell me about it haha. It just always seems to happen.


Guys, do you by any means use to workout? Run, lift weights, or something like that? If no, I suggest you start doing it. I was in your same situation like 4 years ago, but everything changed once I started with bodybuilding.

Almost any physical activity will help you with that problem you are facing.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:


hehehe s_sayan. I think that would make my body go: what the heck are you doing?!

My problem is just too many projects. So I am not bored, but just restless. I can seriously think in the middle of the night: oooooh soooo much i wanna doo!!!

Everything I do - I do it with passion :slight_smile:

I just should make a little to do list for a start of the day, stick with it and then find my rest.


Reply to @kimberleeb: Yes, it really does kimberleeb! haha :slight_smile:


Reply to @s_sayan: No I haven’t. I’m just young stay up late and stuff I’m going to be 20 this upcoming month. That and I keep checking my fiverr if I’ve gotten any orders haha. :slight_smile:


Reply to @psychicrainbow: I just get anxious and keep checking my fiverr for orders or think about ideas for my fiverr.


Yep yep Kimberleeb! Very much recognizable :wink:

Me thinks Fiverr rehab is needed after all hahaha

Here it is 4.30 in the morning!


Reply to @psychicrainbow: It’s almost midnight here and I have to get up at 9!


Haha well still plenty of time to catch 7 hours of sleep at least


Reply to @psychicrainbow: Yeah but we all know i’m gonna stay up late hoping for a gig haha :smiley:


@kimberleeb I guess I am young too (25) :stuck_out_tongue:

You two guys should sleep a little bit more. Waiting for an order? What I do is configure my smartphone to alert me everytime I get an email from Fiverr. That way I am always aware of new orders and I don’t have to spend all night waiting for one order. I just got 2 orders while I’m writing this and I am totally relaxed jeje. :smiley:

When I go to sleep I always turn off my phone. I like to wake up and find a lot of emails from Fiverr.

I began to do that after I started to get many orders in one day. Believe me it works. I just now get relaxed and if I get an order I go and check it. Then I decide wether I do it now or later.

These days I am kinda lazy because of the lack of orders jeje. I am used to deal with 20+ orders a day. As I said in my thread, some days I got up to 40 orders (and my gigs were Express back then), so I was in a hurry those days jeje. Now I get around 10 orders a day (13 yesterday, 2 today so far at 1:40 am here). So I feel pretty relaxed.

Don’t worry too much. I used to do that, but eventually I figured out that I gotta have some time for my self.

Rest when you have to. That way you will have more energy to work with your orders the next day. I always go to the gym no matter what. You just have to create an schedule, so you can have time for yourself and Fiverr as well.

Again, just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


Reply to @s_sayan: I don’t get very many orders. I’m hoping to get my way up there just need some promotion and stuff, and as well as myself trying to promote which isn’t easy. I also don’t have a smartphone wish I did I love them. My me time is usually me browsing the interwebs or watching a movie with my boyfriend so not much going on haha


Spring break brings out the insomnia in me.

And I keep promoting my gig & promoting my gig & promoting my gig. I’ve been posting on forums all with a siglink and obsessively checking to see if I got the sale yet…


I guess we need patience ladies :slight_smile:

And more sleep haha!

I will try to see if my phone can give me an alert from fiverr. Surely that would help!


Girls… The key to success with your gigs lies in the description, the title and the tags… Once you find the right combination, you will start to get a lot of orders.

If you offer a good service that’s on demand, combined with what I said above, then you will get orders easily.

I can see you have a lot of free time. Just start trying new things. Believe me it works. You have to be patient though. Once you edit your gig, it takes time to the search engine to get the new changes.

This past week my sales were pretty low for my most rated gig, then I modified a few things and orders started to pour within 24 hours. That same thing happened with my newest gig. 2 weeks with no orders, then I modified it and voila. Orders started to pour (at least one a day for that gig that was almost dead).

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:


Haha that i have too much free time is just an illusion. It’s just that i spend my free time on promoting my services :wink:

In fact i am a very busy lady. I will deffo take on board what you suggested.

Time for some editing and trying out then :slight_smile: