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It's a Fiverr 'bug' - heads up


UPDATE: I’m still getting the alerts to shut down my security/av program. This only happens on Fiverr, and I’m on this machine 16 hours a day, nearly 365 days per year - signing in and out of all sorts of sites. I’ve contacted customer support, so hopefully they will look into it. In the meantime, please do not shut down any of your security based on an alert while using Fiverr and/or this forum. Be careful! :slight_smile:

Eight out of the last ten times or so that I’ve logged into Fiverr, I’ve gotten a pop up from my security/av software that it has stopped working and the program should be closed. I don’t close the program, but I check that it is still running properly - and it is.

It doesn’t seem to be an alert box from my actual software. I just wanted to let you guys know, in case you see it. Be very careful not to be tricked into shutting down your security.


Yeah, I’m working on it, thanks! I just wanted to make sure less savvy folks didn’t get baited. And I think Fiverr should be aware since it only happens on this site (so far). It seems like somebody smells a weakness. It may just be an obvious target because of the huge traffic and broad uhh, ‘tech experience levels’ of the users, but in any case, it’s not kosher. :slight_smile:


This is still happening by the way.


Unfortunately nothing new here, this has happened few times to me too!


Reply to @solow13: You’re getting pop-up ‘warnings’ to stop running your anti virus program while you’re on the Fiverr site?


Reply to @mrproofreading: No sir.

But when something comes up, I scan with several programs. :slight_smile:


hi there, try scanning your system with whatever antivirus your have. it should help you


Reply to @emostafa: Hi and thanks for the tip! I keep my machines safe and clean, I just wanted to make sure that no-one else gets tricked. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Virus? I don’t have time for that, iMac baby!


Reply to @solow13: Yeah, cause mac can’t get jacked? :wink:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Usually people are the one that can get jacket not mac!


Reply to @solow13: I was going to list all the potential meanings of jacked, but I figured it would get fraggled. :wink:


AVG by any chance?