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It's a gold mine, I tell ya!


My newest gig inspired by Fiverrland! :slight_smile:


Reply to @landongrace: Truthfully, I didn’t even know there WAS a fiverr forum until I’d been here a month or two. I just started my gigs and finally started looking around to find out what this great fiverr place was all about! :slight_smile:


I’m disappointed that no-one has anything to say - positive or negative - about this gig. You guys have gotten very boring lately. :wink:


I think the USPs are going to be big this year. One guy in the copywriting section has titled his gig “I’ll produce content so good I’ll go to prison for it.” He’s killing it out there.

Pun intended.


Reply to @sara1984: I appreciate that seller’s honesty*. Most of the blusterous copywriters here aren’t even tactful about blatantly stealing work! It may make me a small person, but I would love to see at least one of them go to prison. :slight_smile:



I read your new gig and that is awesome. I appreciate what you contribute to the forum, but I have realized that most people don’t read much here. Especially new people that really could use the help. The people that really need the help just post questions. The same questions over and over again. “I not get sales” or “Please sales quickly!” or “I work hard and him still not like work?” or "I am great trouble at work, Fiverr change all stuff and now make no sales? Really, I just wanted to say hi! Thanks Again for your contribution to the forum!


Thanks, @landongrace! I appreciate you taking the time for a “hello” and a compliment. I think the fact that the forum has slowed down so much - like you say with anything other than the same five questions - is the reason I’m posting all over the place, Just trying to keep things interesting (and venting a little) while I’m waiting for some fresh orders. :slight_smile:


@itsyourthing - Another compliment for your presence on the forum, I’ve had a good laugh at several of your posts recently, especially the one on the buyers from hell. This gig is brilliant, please tell me it is selling like hotcakes too.


I hope you get some orders!


I LOVE this gig! Made for a good laugh indeed. It’s refreshing to see a seller not taking themselves too seriously. Bravo!


Reply to @madmoo: Sounds like a plan!


Reply to @academictext: Thanks! Alas, it hasn’t sold at all yet, but at least you fellow forum browsers have given me some views - I can pretend it’s gaining steam. :wink:


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thanks!


Reply to @gingerwriter: Thanks! I decided I may as well have fun with Fiverr, taking it too seriously stopped making sense. :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing:

I haven’t seen it advertised in at least 5 inappropriate forums with suitably terrible spelling and distressed statements about how distraught and angry you are about not getting any orders when you click your fingers. Maybe this is where you’re going wrong :wink:


Reply to @academictext: Yeah, but if I was going to turn to the dark side, I’d do it somewhere with a higher return on investment. :slight_smile:

Besides, “I will sell my soul for $5” has been done before.