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Its a great feeling to get an order

I completed an order successfully. And also get a good number of rating. Thanks @fiverr


Congrats Ahmad,

Sadly, I’m still waiting for my first order but I have to be patient :ok_hand:



Congratulations, :star_struck:


Congratulation Buddy. :relaxed:


Thank you very much :heart:

Thank you so much :heart:

Best wishes to you for your future order.And hope i will also get order soon.

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congratulation for your success hope you doing well in future :heart_eyes:

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Great :green_heart: Congratulations
BTW How long did it take to get your first order?@ahmad_ishtiak

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Please don’t think that waiting and patience gets orders.

Initiative, knowing your competition and creating something that can stand out in your market – that’s what gets orders.

Waiting doesn’t change the impact of the market on your business.

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Congratulations! Good luck to you

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That’s awesome!

Hope there are many more orders to come!

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I agree with you but patience is also a part of it. That’s like losing motivation because you haven’t gotten any orders on your first week on Fiverr, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense but I get what you’re saying. Gaining seniority matters as well. :heart:

@ahmad_ishtiak Congratulations bro, Go ahead

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!Congrats SAME HERE!

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thank you bro @anik_islam19

Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. Stay connected and advice more i’ll be with you. Take love :heart: @humanissocial

Thank you. Pray for me

Thank you brother @ parvesislam_efn

@afiamoumi actually i get this order after 2 days of opening my account. And i get the money after 14 days