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It's almost 5 months since I joined fiverr, I am yet to make that first sales


Hi Everyday !
I need help on what to do so as to hit that expected first sales on It’s almost 5 months since I joined. Can someone please go through some of my gigs and tell me what am no doing well ?

You may want to know that i have been promoting them on twitter. I also check buyers request on daily bases don’t see any request by buyers. I really don’t know what i am doing wrong. Someone should please help me out.



Reading and writing are my hubbies, now turned profession,


Hi, i am a Google Certified Writer

:arrow_up: Really?

Plus many grammar and punctuation errors all over the place.


And why is your whole Gig description in bold font? Walls of bold font are incredibly difficult to read! I’m willing to bet you’ve lost out on sales just because buyers weren’t willing to strain their eyes trying to read your pitch.


Thanks a lot men! i will correct the itemised errors shortly.


Thank you very much. correction already made.


I have moved your post to “Improve My Gig” so that you will get even more advice. :wink:


Thanks Vic, I can’t wait to get the advice that will eventually lead to this epic first sales on fiverr