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It's Almost Back To School Time

In a mere 14 days, I will be headed back to school - not as the lunch lady but as the new Pre-K secretary. Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again because I am proud that I was able to do this for myself and the family.

We paid off the car before I went back. We’re about to have my credit card paid off by the end of next month (provided everything goes right) and my PP credit will be paid off this month. I am feeling optimistic about the things in my life right now.

What does this mean for my Fiverr? Well, I have decided to run another ad campaign - just to get in some work and see what happens. The last one MORE than paid off. I spent a total of $15 and earned much more than that! I am very happy with how it turned out.

I am hopeful that the results will be similar because I have another goal in mind. And, I figure if I can run one of these a month (on top of the repeat clients I already get), then I’m going to be golden and all goals will be met by the dates I have set (if not sooner).

My husband calls me the money buzzard, but what he doesn’t know is that this money buzzard is easing financial anxiety off the household. He stresses about money all the time. When I tell him to worry, he double worries. When I tell him not to panic, he still worries - just less so.

I like how I work I am never one to just sit down and stop. It’s rare I do but those moments, I relish in even more. I’ve also figured out times to get to the gym, do the work I need to do for the school and Fiverr, cook supper and take care of my household in general.

I’m ecstatic about this next step. Of course, for the next two weeks, I plan on getting orders in my hands out of the way and taking on any of those that may come my way. And, as I always say,



You will be great at your new job. Get ready for “tummy aches” and tears because that is what little ones do when they are stressed about new situations. Our school secretary had so many children trying to go home with a vague tummy ache that she told them if they did not have a fever, they had to stay. She had one of those ear thermometers that she had disposable tips for. But then, maybe your school is big enough to have a nurse. Ours was not.

Have a great year, and keep us informed. :hugs: :kissing_heart: