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It's Amazing: Fiverr Shares Jump in New York Stock Exchange Debut

WOW it’s a good news.

Fiverr shares to start trading in New York Stock Exchange. This is what i was awaiting many years. Finally it’s happening now. Need to know many things and how this will take fiverr to next level.

Also is there any chance that sellers or buyers can be part and buy these shares?

If anybody knows or good at stock market and shares please advice.


You can buy them on the NY stock exchange. Open an account at a stock brokers if you are a US citizen.

This is big news. We are now working on a publicly traded company.


@misscrystal, Thank you.


I am from India, is it possible to buy shares online?

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This is amazing,very happy hearing this great information. Congrats to fiverr and to each and everyone of us freelancers on fiverr. However, management and admin should work more on giving freelancers a better user interface plus a responsive and reliable customer care service.

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Indeed good news. Yay! :wave::wave::wave:

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Congrats to fiverr!
I’m happy for them.

So now fiverr is not a startup anymore, they can deal with PayPal and shorten the clearance time and fix the chargeback? I looking forward into that.

Hope they go public will bring some cool new feature & actually benefit us. At least now it’s a trust platform.


Hi there @balubfa12, thank you for sharing this great information. Lucky me, I registered an account for 6 weeks ago and your news comes as a blessing, thank you for sharing!! :pray: At least I know I’m in good hands as Fiverr is a real independent business now. Congratz Fiverr and let us all make ourselves proud!

Lets us toast on that, To a new beginning and a bright Future for all of us!

The drinks are on Fiverrs budget!! :rofl::joy: :champagne::champagne:

@ahmwritingco & @maitasun, check this out…PARTY TIME!! Champagne :champagne: is on me!!

Sincerely, Humberto


Ringing the opening bell!


Wow… That’s great… :slight_smile:
I am super happy
congrats to fiverr :dizzy:

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Share price started with $26 and hits $32.5 with in an Hour


Thats the Value of fiverr. Stay tuned for more updates. FIVERR ROCKS


A lot of people just got richer who got this when it came out. I wish I had known about it sooner. That’s cool that they have the fiverr logo up there at the stock exchange.

It’s a complicated process to have a company added to the stock exchange. Some of the changes and tightening of the rules have probably been due to preparations for this. Fiverr had to get a financial company to back them and meet their requirements.


Latest Fiverr Stock Price


Look for a first day sell off just before the end of the day. Let’s see it go over $50. This is one very hot stock. The financial of fiverr are fantastic.

It opened well over the predicted opening price.


I hope so it will cross $45 by EOD today. This meant a lot to fiverr and now it is not a small company. Hope fiverr will give us (Sellers) a chance to buy some shares throughout the world. This is what i mentioned in my post last year about fiverr entering to stock market and sellers also part of it.

Fiverr entered into NYSE and lets see what they can offer to sellers to participate in this growth program.

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Well you can buy it only if you are a US citizen and only on the stock exchange.

Those less explensive initial shares went to company executives.


I have checked some other competitors Stock prices and no one come close to fiverr’s price. This is one of the greatest achievement of fiverr and team.


Unlike most IPOs people know and have heard of fiverr. It’s had a good steady growth from the time it began.

Easy way to be Rich from Fiverr, BUY FIVERR STOCK SHARES :money_with_wings: :moneybag:



Couple of years ago i worked in a MNC as a designer and we had a SSP (Stock Sharing Plan) which we can buy company shares even if the employee working anywhere in the world.

So i am getting excited to see, if fiverr announces such kind of plan it will be great and i am sure most of the sellers will buy fiverr shares.

I am sure one day fiverr shares will reach the price around $200 because this is the BEST and most TRUSTWORTHY freelancers Platform.

Don’t count on that, a stock share plan.