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It's Amazing: Fiverr Shares Jump in New York Stock Exchange Debut

No i am not counting on that. But just an idea i am sharing.

My first priority is always selling on Fiverr offering exclusive design services and sales. Stocks are secondary option.

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If we own a bit of stock are we one of the bosses? :man_in_tuxedo:t2:


Yes. You have become as one. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can go to the yearly shareholders meetings.

We need a live stock ticker here on the forum.


This is the EOD Stock price of FIVERR. Simply Superb


That’s Micha in the black tee shirt in that picture. I really love this new development. It’s thrilling to think I’ve been on an online site that went public.

Interesting how that chart shows after hours trading where it kept on climbing. I thought there might be a sell off of stock but people are hanging onto it for the long run.

There was a small sell off just before 4:00 which is profit taking.

(Kicking myself for not getting some.)

I wonder why it’s called “Ltd.” Can anyone tell me what the Ltd. (limited) indicates in the name of the company? Would it mean it is a limited liability company instead of a corporation? And what would the advantages of that be? It would be surprising they would do that. I’m wondering if it means they don’t have to do as much public reporting of assets and liabilities.

Impressive news <3 wow

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Impressive news
Congrats to fiverr!
I’m happy for them.