Its an emergency


Payoneer recently blocked my account and fiverr still showing “we identified an issue with your application and cannot process it at this time please contact support”. So i want to add another payoneer account to my fiverr account. If i msg to the support for remove the old payoneer account and add new one. Will they do? or ban my account?

If there is no way to add another then i’m not able to work on fiverr anymore 'cz our country has not paypal service. Please help me

another thing

i just added my another payoneer account through bank transfer option. it saying its successfully added. And on my payoneer account its showing on founding source too. But when i click on the bank transfer option its sending a msg to my mobile after confirm that nothing is happening??? so what to do now??? for transfer the money to my payoneer account??


Are you sure that Payoneer won´t block your another Payoneer account too, if they blocked one? That might leave you with the same problem then in a bit, maybe first try to solve your problem with Payoneer and then, when you´re sure your account won´t be blocked again, go ahead with Fiverr?

Else, only Fiverr Customer Support can tell you whether they will, or will ban your account, I fear, we can´t.


Problem fixed.
Thanks anyway