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It's Basic, But It's Missing


a) I need a log that will show when I logged in & what actions did I take in order to see the effort vs. the business result.

b) The log should be exportable for analysis.

c) Within the gigs list under “Selling” I would like to see the last date upon which the gig was updated. It really helps.

d) Tagging system. In GMail & AdWords one can tag anything as free text. It’s a great feature that helps to understand compound operations which a simple log can describe easily.

Please add these. Does anyone else thinks those changes are necessary?


I think those are good suggestions! I definitely think more analytics would help sellers. I would like to see more information about the impressions, clicks and gig views. Like what were the search terms for which your gig was shown? What “page” did you appear on?


This would be awesome, to see where they are coming from.


Also social & demographics info will help: age, gender, location, interests.

Basically to integrate the outer social communities to the seller account.


You can see this in the analytics graph in My GiGs page. Any update will be marked by a blue dot with the details shown while hovering the cursor over it.

It would take a lot of resources for Fiverr so, this might not be implemented any time soon.


As for the graph - can its data be exported to a csv or excel file?


No. (And this is just to pass 20 characters :grin:)


I think this is very important since myself & many of us here would like to be more efficient with our efforts to get a deal.


Hello, can you help me cross check my profile on fiverr and see whether changes need to be made.


To help with (a), I actually built a work log for myself. Each time I complete a task, I enter it and it keeps track of orders completed and revenue earned. It then breaks down avg order amounts etc

I also added a timer which I start as I begin a job. Then when I finish the job and enter it into the system, it automatically stops the timer and records the time taken, working out my time to earning ratio for the order, as well as all orders overall to give myself a better tracking system.

I’d love to see something like this incorporated into the main site


I also did the stuff you offered myself. But I think that for the majority of sellers it’s not viable since it demands a high level of discipline and precision that can’t be achieved due to life’s limitations - One may get a phone call, and forget, The other has kids that disturb him & he/she neglect.

Only a computer system that will support those activities behind the scenes will really make sense & reflect the average seller what helps him to get results - and if he/she can’t do that - a pro can do that for them, maybe even a Fiverr consultant :slight_smile:

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