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Its becoming too difficult to maintain order completion above 90%



Its becoming too difficult to maintain order completion above 90%. I lost my level badges. I have completed more than 25 orders in this month still i m unable to reach 90%.

I have cancelled couple of orders only as we can’t argue or tell anything to the buyer as that is against fiverr policy.

We sellers can’t request customer to cooperative and avoid cancellation as we can loose account or badge.

Last night my order completion was 86% and today its 85% even i did not cancel any order from last week. Its getting lower automatically now.

I dont know how fiverr calculating order completion percentage.

anyone help please


Basically the calculation is:

Total cancels / Totals orders completed (last 60 days) x 100

So it can keep dropping e.g you have 3 cancels and now from last 3-4 days you completed no order obviously in last 60 days your 3-4 also add where you took no order. Thus rate keeps on decreasing if you don’t completed orders on continue base


thank you suhaib its very helpfull


Have more confusion then contact with customer support they will give you more effective answer


I was also confused I tried to contact CSS that I have wrong cancel rate but while writing to support this came in my mind. I have 3 cancel and my rate was 97% and I did not have orders for 3 days and it decreased to 95%


Yes as your orders decrease the cancellation rate can increase.

But old cancellations can also drop off in time.


The requirements are indeed oddly high. I would expect slight changes coming to them in the near future, as I believe we keep losing more and more top rated and level 2 sellers every month. :thinking: