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It's been 2 months, but I didn't get any order

Hello guys, It’s been 2 months, but I didn’t get any order I need suggestion with my profile or my gigs kindly give me. you suggestion is very important it will give me hope and courage.


I am a web developer …. from under your profile description.

We find the right combination …. We can develop sites like these: ….from your gig description.

Who is a buyer dealing with? …. is it you? …. and if so why are you saying “we”.

A buyer will just read this , be totally confused, and move on to buy from someone else.

Suggest you change your descriptions so that the buyer knows exactly who is offering the gig.

That is your first step to getting orders!


Thank your very much sir I have changed every mistakes that you have mentioned above.
hopefully that will increase my sales

Are you reaching out to market and promote your gigs to your target customers, or are you just sitting back, hoping that they randomly find you?

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I am sending buyer request as well and that’s I am thinking enough .

That also my problem

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Means you are also not getting order ?

Another tip: Suggest you do not address others as sir, mate, bro, dear, buddy, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


ok good but how to address them? with their names ?

No need to say anything other than a simple “Hi” or “Hello” as a greeting.

If you check: I have created some posts on the subject.


Hello dear , you can post your gig on warrior forum .

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Suggest you read my post above about the use of the word “dear” and how it can put buyers off.
(Assuming you too are a seller this may help you).


what is warrior forum and where it is ?