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Its been 2 months since i contacted fiverr support but still no reply

It has been two months since i contacted fiverr and yet no reply. I want to change my payoneer account, i have deactivated the old one and cannot add new one myself. Can you please help me by telling what is the fast way to contact fiverr. The help and support Ticket thing seems useless to me now.

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2 months seems a bit long, even for CS now. Is the ticket still open? If it is, you might give it a reply asking for news.

You can do that anyway, even if it’s closed …


I faced similar problem. My ticket was open for more than 5 days but didn’t receive any update from Fiverr support. Than I made a reply and requested Fiverr support for update and received response within 12 hours. I hope your problem will be resolved soon.

The Ticket is automatically changed to solved and i cannot make a reply.
I opened a second ticket yesterday but still in vain