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It's been 2 weeks!

Hey, I became a part of Fiverr 2 weeks ago. I created 4 gigs in total and I still didn’t get any order. I tried to optimize my gig’s and stuff, but still no result. Could anyone please help me out?
This is my profile:

It’s hard to get an order right away as a new seller. It could even take months to get your first order. It depends on the Gig Categories itself. If you found any categories from youtube on “how to make money fast”, you won’t earn anything at all. At those times, these youtubers really messed up categories such as Logo Design, Data Entry, Writing, etc… It’s so much crowded.

I took a look at your Gigs. They look so much familiar and they look like they were taken from youtube too, so there’s no brainer you will be competing with thousands and thousands of other sellers on category each.

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