It's been 24 hourse


it’s 24 hours since i created my first gig on fiverr (it’s about translation) and it got so far 13 views, 4 clicks and 5 impressions but still no orders ! ? is that considered good for a Newbie or my gig still needs improvements ?


Stats mean nothing until you’ve got a lot more data to go on. I’ll bet you clicked on your gig to see what it looks like - yep - there’s one of your clicks.

Give it a couple of weeks to see your different graphs and you’ll be able to analyse your data better, particularly when you make a few sales.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


actually i can’t remember if i have asked but how to interpret the Gig performance data???


I’m sure it’s all terribly important, but I look at it from a very basic level I’m afraid - if a graph’s going up, it’s a good thing, if there’s a red arrow, I need to change something on my gig!


Me too!! :slight_smile:

It has been a bit of a curiosity for me not so much what the data records but how to improve or how to interpret it (beyond Red = Bad, Green = Good).


You need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order.


i’m trying my best to get a seller on my first week because i need money for a summer project


Have you tried buyer requests?
Add more gigs - you can have up to 7 as a newcomer.
Marketing your gigs elsewhere?

Good luck!


tried removing spams from my buyers requests and ended with a blank list, when it comes to gig the only thing i can offer is translation or writing so no need to create more gigs but when it comes to marketing i have no followers or friends on social media that are interested in translations…


by the way : this is my second day now i got 34 impressions, 14 clicks and 22 views… hope i’m progressing…


It can even take months until you get your first sale. I have been on fiverr since January, and haven’t had my first client yet. You need to share your gigs on social media, write an appealing gig title and description


24 hourse??? I think you have to wait more hourses and some buyer request to get an order.


To get an order in 24 hours you have to have a gig that really stands out from the rest, either in the description or in what you’re offering.

suggestions for your gigs: - remove your catch all gig; it may not stand out in the searches as it’s not specific enough.
Add new gigs:
English to Arabic
English to French
Arabic to English etc.

Take 5 dollars out of your title. You don’t need it. Your title also says 3000 words for $5 but you only offer 1000. Buyers spot these mistakes and think you’re trying to con them.

Your gig description is frankly awful. Look at some others to get ideas of good descriptions. DON’T COPY THEM or your gig will be deleted.

Don’t call yourself an amateur anything in your profile.

Think about why anyone would choose your gig over everyone else’s. Price isn’t everything; people still want a quality product.


With time and patience you will succeed! :trophy:


Thanks for the advice (about that 3000 words for 5 dollars thing; actually that was my real gig but i changed the pricing and forgot the title so thanks for the reminder !)