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Its been 3 week i recieved me first message . Dear buyer , don't u care to reply ? huh

i have been working hard to get my first order . recieved my first message 2 week ago …but hey dont u care to reply back …thats rude . even if u dont want my service please inform …its about feelins :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah you need to get used to this my friend! All day and night I receive messages from buyers who look like they’ll buy my service… then they disappear.

I’d say 1 in 12 people who message me end up buying my gig.


Hi and welcome. It’s not rude and it’s not about feelings. It’s business. Let it go and move on.

I’ve had plenty of buyers come to me wanting my service, then were planning to purchase my gigs, and they disappear.

Oh well, on the bright side maybe that was one bad buyer you didn’t need to deal with :slight_smile:

its not your loss that you could not deal with the buyer. The loss is all hi, he might have missed meeting a great seller. Move on and work hard. All the best.

Honestly, it happens all the time. You shouldn’t take it personally, some people just message a lot of sellers and then select one that is a good fit for what they need. It’s kind of like when you never hear from an employer after an interview. Yes, it’s kind of rude but I wouldn’t think too much about it. It is how it is.

@all thanks a lot for your advice … i ll move on :slight_smile:

let the race for a new buyer begin again … i ll delete all my gigs and create new one’s .

It’d be worse when they order and don’t comunicate. I’m dealing with one right now ="=

yes thats also a case . u know i have recieved messages for my gigs but i m still waiting for my first order .

i dont want their order’s i just want they should atleast inform :frowning:

Reply to @venom_hunt: But why do you want to delete all the gigs? I didn’t get it. Is it because some buyer contacted and didn’t reply or any other reason?

I had someone message me about 9 to 10 months ago. About a month ago, they picked up the conversation like I had a clue what they were talking about. I have had buyers order from me 3 months after they said they would order from me in a “week”. Expect the unexpected and as others have said, just move on. Don’t worry about it, a new buyer will help fill the void eventually! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you want to delete your gig? That’s probably going to hurt your chances of finding a buyer instead of making anything better.

I also am getting a lot of messages asking about gigs and then nothing, I ask them about the work and still nothing. so I just answers them and move on. But keep the message for when they get back.


Here’s how I look at it…

My Profile and Gigs are my Storefront in the Fiverr Mall surrounded by other stores that offer services similar to mine.

Buyers come into my shop, look around, and ask questions. Some people buy, and some don’t. Some move on to the shop next door.

It’s the same as any store YOU go in. Sometimes you ask questions and/or buy something and sometimes you don’t. You don’t owe the shopkeeper an explanation as to why you don’t buy or why you’re leaving. And you certainly don’t care about the shopkeeper’s feelings when you do leave.


@cristinaghy i want to delete them bcoz i have created them 10 days ago and if some one new buyer comes and see’s that it’s an old gig might reduce the chance of buying it …

@all again thanks for your valuable guidance :slight_smile:

Not all the buyers are like that. There are some sellers, oh gosh, they are rude and no responsibility. This is the first day experience for me on Fiverr.

@woodsea911 yeah exceptions are everywhere … just u need to do is pick a good seller as us :slight_smile: (Y)

Reply to @venom_hunt: I’d suggest editing your gigs and trying to improve them instead of just deleting them. For me, it took over a month before anyone actually ordered my first gig, and I edit my gig descriptions almost weekly to rephrase or clarify the information, and to attract buyers. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but once you hit something that works you’ll notice it in the gig stats.

So don’t give up, that first buyer will come. And many more after that. The trick is to refine your gig description, upload recent example pictures, etc… until your gigs are perfect and will catch the visitor’s eye within seconds.

That being said, I wish you the best of luck on Fiverr but I would suggest you read the stories on the forum about buyer abuse and crappy support first, so that you’re prepared for the fact that you won’t get any help whatsoever if something not so good happens (like money disappearing from your account, or buyers blackmailing you into working for free).

Reply to @freelancemm:

That is the worst! It’s like, honestly? You messaged me 3 months ago what do you expect? Gotta love some of these buyers.

However, I would say overall I see quite a few buyers make purchases after messaging me. It is always a good idea to answer their questions, you never know what kind of sale you might make!