Its been 3 weeks and i didn't sold anything, what's wrong?


Hello Fellow Members,

Sorry, If i am asking this is in wrong category for the question.

I was doing great with my fiverr gigs, probably i am getting 1 order daily from last 2 months.

Don’t know suddenly what happened and I am loosing my sales. Its been 2 weeks and i didn’t made a sale.

Anyone had same experience/issue? It will be great if someone help me out or let me know to how to get this out from this.




I don’t know much about views/sales or why your gig is not selling overall, but since I’m a designer, in my design perspective I can point out few problems in your gig mainly in graphic presentation:

  1. The images you use for your gigs are not unique. They look like you googled it and uploaded it here. Either craft your own or hire someone to create graphic for you. People browse the internet really-really fast, in split seconds we scroll pages , twenty , thirty pictures in one go. If you don’t have something unique as a display, you won’t be noticed. If you don’t get noticed, you don’t get sales, regardless of your service value.

  2. You didn’t use images slot efficiently, for example in this gig: You only display 1 image there and on every other gig. This looks a little bit ‘lazy’ and you wasted 2 good presentation slides. Let’s say people noticed your gig and opened up your gig, what did they see? Only 1 image presentation, it will not be enough to convince them. People pick the best of the best, if they find other gigs with more images to communicate and present their service, they’ll choose them instead of you.

  3. Your brand, in this case; your profile picture and the most important your fiverr name. Is not very optimal.

    You are from India but why are your profile picture a guy that looks british/european? Makes people figure that, again, you googled a nice photo and uploaded it here. This communicates dishonesty, might not be your intention but that is the impact I see.

    Either use a photo of your own, a photo that you took with a meaning in it, or hire someone to create a logo or mascot for you.

    Last one, your fiverr name/brand, trickyguyz does not sound professional. Why the “z”? Why not trickyguy, that “z” makes it look childish. It’s going to be hard for people to take you seriously. Logo design/ mascot cannot help brand name too much in this case.

    All of my explanation is based on my personal perspective, I hope this helps. :smiley:

    Ylesiw - Graphic & Design

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