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It's been 4 days and didn't get any response from Help Desk

I offer an extra custom offer to the Buyer and it’s been accepted, I submitted my work and buyer marked order as completed.

But the amount still in the UPCOMING EARNINGS bar and for this Issue I requested Fiverr Help desk before 4 days but didn’t get any response or support from team yet.

Please help!

Hi, I can’t give you a technical answer, but I can tell you that a similar thing happened to me. I think it’s supposed to take two weeks to clear, but many of my gig earnings for completed work sat pending and didn’t get added to my available funds for closer to five weeks. I just let them ride, and they cleared eventually. It’s still running slow, but they got there eventually. Hope this eases your concerns a little.

Report Fiverr to the better business bureau. They stole money from me (the seller cancelled my order) and no refund was issued. 7 days later I still have no response from Fiverr.
I am not letting them get away with this

Once an order is marked completed it takes 14 days to clear.

You must have to read every rules before start working … it always took 15 days to clear fund.

Yes I know, I am on fiverr from last 2 years, but Once an order is marked completed fund should be in pending clearance not in Upcoming Earnings.

If fund in Upcoming Earnings that means order not completed yet.

Oops! didn’t get any mail or any other information from Fiverr support team,
But just before a minute I got fund direct in clearance.

thanks all for your support, also sorry and Thank you Fiverr team.

Will remove this discussion ASAP, I got my solution so I don’t want to criticize fiverr any more.