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It's been 4 months and counting, nothing yet

I really thought that switching from my other account and creating a new one would get me luck as I’ve only sold twice in the 2 years of having my old account…

Now, it’s been four months and my impressions and clicks keep fluctuating up and down, I keep staying online most of the time, I send offer on buyers request and i know I’m good ad what I do. still, no order?

Is it because of my location?? (Nigeria)??

I’m confused…

Any help?


I don’t think so because of living in Nigeria you don’t get any order. Try to active on fiverr most of the time. You may edit your gig thumbnail to attracts buyer’s attention or try to minor edit on your gig. If nothing comes from that then publish a new gig with eyecatchy video, images and good gig descriptions.


I think it was a bad idea to delete your old account. But since you already did it, you have to work extra hard to get your first order. Do some reading on SEO and try to optimize your gigs for specific keywords.

Also, being in Nigeria is actually an advantage. Your bills are not as high as those in the developed countries and the Dollar is stronger than the Naira. That means you can afford to charge less and still make a decent profit.


Thanks for Greats words
I will implement this tip in near future.

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If I change gig image after long time of publishing, is it will hamper my gig ranking?

Is a terms of service violation. read it before even thinking of selling on Fiverr.

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Hi @miss_celine I empathize with you and I understand how this feels. I do not think your location is much of a hinderance, it could rather be an advantage(I agree with @ronhi85). Then I noticed you are in a highly competitive niche, I have not really gone through your gig description yet, I would advise you post them in the improve my gig section so others could help you analyze them.

You can check out top sellers in your category and observe how they made their gigs. Most importantly do not give up. All the best!


Depends on how many impression and clicks you get. If the number of clicks and impression is much better then don’t do that… this may cause a bad impact on your gig…