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It's been 4 months now, still nothing

I really thought that switching from my other account and creating a new one would get me luck as I’ve only sold twice in the 2 years of having my old account…

Now, it’s been four months and my impressions and clicks keep fluctuating up and down, I keep staying online most of the time, I send offer on buyers request and i know I’m good ad what I do. still, no order?

Is it because of my location?? (Nigeria)??

I’m confused…

Any help?


The location has nothing to do with impressions and clicks.

You are competing with tens of thousands of other sellers in your logo category and your Gigs are quite overpriced, try lowering it, at least at the very start. Try changing your Gig’s thumbnail and show more examples of your work.

It’s against Fiverr Terms of Service to create multiple accounts. You can get permanently suspended from both of them at any time.

You are also breaking other Fiverr rules in your Gig’s description - don’t share any social media accounts, sensitive information.

You should read Fiverr TOS if you haven’t already -


I deleted the old one… does that still break the law??

It’s just a matter of patience and making sure you have a great description and clear gigs. And yes, lower pricing does tempt people but honestly, you are not overpriced. There are plenty of sellers getting orders without selling their work for dust.

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